plumbing services Damariscotta, ME

We'll Spring Into Action When Your Pipes Spring a Leak

Reliable plumbing services in Damariscotta, ME

There's nothing worse than waking up to or coming home to plumbing problems. Fortunately, L R French, Inc. is home to a reliable plumbing professional who can make your system function properly in no time.
Our plumber can complete a variety of residential projects, including:

  • Faucet repair/replacement
  • Sink installation/repair
  • Shower fixture repair/installation
  • Toilet repair
  • Pipe/Sewer repair

We'll come to your home and diagnose your system before fully explaining our solution. We'll then get to work immediately so your pipes are fixed as soon as possible. Tell L R French, Inc. about your plumbing issues today.

Put down the pipe wrench and pick up the phone

You've been pretty savvy so far when it comes to repairing the problems in your home by yourself. So, you thought the leaking pipe under your sink would be easy to fix. You try a simple DIY repair, bust the pipe even further and watch as water floods your kitchen.

You could've avoided this costly problem with plumbing services from L R French, Inc. Besides fixing your pipes, we can also fix your electrical system. Call our Damariscotta office at 207-563-3814 now to schedule a consultation.